Alexey Kirienko is one of the founders and CEO of EXANTE Sec., a global investment company based in Malta. More specifically, he is most known for his expertise as well as the application of probability theory in the financial markets. Under his leadership, EXANTE is a reputable broker that has received more than thirty awards since its establishment in 2011.


Alexey Kirienko is one of the youngest investors and has achieved acclaim in the investment world as a founder and co-owner of investment firm EXANTE. From a young age, Kirienko has had a passion for statistics and mathematics, which led him to study probability theory and game theory.

During his time studying at university, Kirienko also became interested in applying his knowledge to stock trading, so he developed complex financial strategies using correlation analysis and statistical arbitrage. With the use of these strategies, he found and took advantage of many opportunities in the financial markets, allowing him to rise to prominence within the trading community.

Around 2005, Kirienko developed and implemented several projects with his peers, with one of them involving the use of robots to create arbitrage between futures contracts. The project was considered a success, and Kirienko and his peers managed to make significant returns using it. After earning his bachelor’s degree, Kirienko furthered his education by completing a master’s degree in Economics. It was during this time that he created a new business model that would later greatly impact the financial markets.

By the time Kirienko obtained his degrees, he already had deep experience and knowledge in trading in the financial markets. More specifically, his speciality was and is interchange statistical arbitrage of futures contracts. Kirienko also gained experience in trading global derivatives.

Alexey Kirienko

Founding of EXANTE

In 2010, Kirienko and Anatoliy Knyazev were already prominent and successful traders who had a strong network in the financial community. They had also accumulated enough software and innovative infrastructure to execute sophisticated and complex trading strategies. As such, they both decided to start their own trading firm.The next year, they founded EXANTE in Malta with a third partner, GatisEglitis. Their firm then received an MFSA license shortly to operate in the region.

EXANTE was founded on the vision of providing traders of all levels with advanced and sophisticated, and financial infrastructure. All three of them wanted to provide a global service that would be able to cater to the needs of a diverse range of traders – thereby allowing them to execute complex trading strategies. The three founders believed in creating a transparent financial environment, where traders can trade with both fair and competitive prices.

The brokerage firm then caught the attention of local investors. This was because EXANTE was the first investment company to provide access to global markets in Malta. The innovation of its bespoke trading platform also drew widespread acclaim, as traders could invest in a wide range of financial instruments from a single trading account.

Over the years, EXANTE has continued developing under the guidance of Kirienko and his co-founders. In 2012, the brokerage firm was registered in Cyprus and received the CySEC license to work locally. This attracted even more clients, and EXANTE quickly began to develop and expand. Today, it has offices in the UK and Hong Kong, where it is licensed and regulated by the FCA and SFC, respectively. The brokerage firm is also compliant with the MiFID II requirement, which is a regulatory framework that aims to standardise and protect traders in the EU.

As of the time of writing, EXANTE offers over 600,000 financial instruments in more than 50 global markets, including major ones such as the NASDAQ, the LSE, the NYSE, the HKEX, and the ASX. Products the brokerage firm provides include stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), currencies, commodities, bonds, and derivatives such as options and futures. Prioritising a fair and transparent market, traders can access quotes in real time with fast and secure trade execution. They can also trade with competitive spreads.

As a pioneer in the Maltese investment circle and an innovative global investment company, EXANTE has also received many industry rewards and recognitions. These include Best Mutli-Asset Financial Services Firm 2023 at the Ethical Finance Awards, and Best Trading and Investment Solutions Provider UK 2023 from the Gazet International Magazine.

Other interests and work

Aside from EXANTE, Kirienko remains passionate about the development of the financial industry as a whole. As one of EXANTE’s co-owners, he has been invited to many global conferences as a guest speaker, where he has participated in industry discussions and given talks. Kirienko is also an investor in prominent startups. One of these is Comino, a manufacturer of liquid-cool computers.