The industry is a field where many things are produced. The industry often uses many materials and proceeds into new things. The factory process can produce some residue that can lead to environmental contamination. There are many pollutants from the industrial process. One of the most common pollutants is dust. This pollutant can affect human health and cause some diseases, especially in respiratory systems. Therefore, the monitoring of dust pollution is a must for every industry. In order to solve this problem, the dust binding machine or staubbindemaschine is used. What is a dust binding machine?

How does the Dust Binding Machine Work

The works of the dust binding machine come from the interaction of the droplets of water and dust particles in the air. The dust binding machine generates numerous droplets of water. These droplets will bind the dust particles. After that, the dust particles are deposited so that they will not fly freely in the air. Based on this process, one of the most important things in the dust binding machine is the size of water droplets. Its size should be appropriate to bind the dust particle.

The Advantages of Using Dust Binding Machine

The dust binding machine is normally used on the site of industry. Why? The use of a dust binding machine onsite gives more benefits than other areas since the dust particles can be bound as soon as possible before reaching the respiratory systems of a living organism. In addition, some types of dust binding machines also can produce fine water droplets that will be effective to bind the fine dust particles. The dust binding machine which is developed with recent and modern technology provides the highest efficiency in binding the dust particles. It can increase the health protection of the workers in an industrial site.  That’s why many industries use dust binding machines to reduce the risk of pollution.